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Hungry for souls to comfort my poor demon heart

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perspectiva corporum regularium by Wenzel Jamnitzer

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Anonymous writes:
babe, you look just fine on PC. no worries. greetings, your 001 fangirl

Thank you fangirl 001 you are fucking excellent.

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August 29th, 2014 - Shibuya REX

Rave (レイヴ)
One of those illusion bands who you think are gonna be too new and not-yet-good but actually are really polished because they already have a lot of experience and popularity in Kyuushu. Very fun concept; cute sadism. Much enthusiastic dancing, full of beans. Vocalist fully resembles a Japanese version of Joffrey from Game of Thrones.

Awful. Go find a singer who can actually sing. And don’t just put the better looking guitarist on the right hand side. He’s not actually good looking anyway, he’s a starved hair trap. Also, bangya wearing five flashing rings on every finger of both hands AND holding two lightsticks in each hand too? No.

This band clearly don’t have much to work with, but they sure make good with what they have got. Musical talent/experience somewhat thin on the ground, but the atmosphere was cool and they are clearly very creative with their concepts. Had sorta expected more from them though, after all the good reviews I’ve heard, but I was told they weren’t on top form today.

Too busy drinking in the bar, didn’t see. From what little entered my ears, they sounded fairly normal.

Arlequin (アルルカン)
Mad and super fun. Metal bands with good senses of humor are my favourite thing. Arlequin are in posession of an excellent vocalist who has very good vocal control. His favourite thing to do is laugh hysterically between blood curdling screams. Still leaning quite heavily towards a VK style show than a metal one, they are 100% a band to watch for the future. Much promise.

Playing last? What’s this!? Actually, playing last possibly screwed them over, they may have messed up their equipment check. Their backing tracks were on and off and Cazqui’s guitar broke twice, the second time permanently. Right before a guitar solo. Thankfully, it was saved by Masa improvising a spectacular bass solo instead. Before the death of the lead guitar though, they were awesome. Very heavy setlist from the beginning. It was nice to see them in such a tiny venue too, they were practically in the mosh pit with us. You know a band is good when even after half their equipment is fucked up they still lay down a killer of a show.

Another super short taiban review? Yuup. I feel like I need to register my unnecessary opinions on indie bands somewhere, k. Going to go write an actual blog post on my actual blog now about albums I’ve been listening to lately ooohhh.

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Anonymous writes:
How long will you stay in Japan?

I haven’t decided yet. We will see.

  29 Aug 2014
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