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August 17th, 2014 - TSUTAYA O-EAST

As usual, NCBL played first. I’m pretty sure they always play first at taibans because they induce actual mosh pits, which mess up rows for other bands’ fans so it’s best to get them out the way first so no one gets pissy. They were the band I was there for and I hadn’t had a good ticket, so I was sort of panicking about getting stuck at the back, but it was fine I ended up in the fourth row with loads of room. Their set was a mix of old and new stuff, and it was awesome, as usual. We all had fun screaming and thrashing about and hitting each other on the head while Hiro made a fool of himself on stage. NCBL are the best.

Myself and quite a lot of other NCBL fans were at the back for DEZERT’s set after making room for their fans at the front, so we held a little mosh pit of our own back there. It was my first time seeing DEZERT, and I was really impressed. They’re a tank of a band live. Their recorded sound is pretty normal, but live they’re loads of fun. I cannot wait for their 2-man with NCBL now. It’s gonna break my neck but I’ll die happy.

No, idk how to pronounce their name either. First time seeing them too. Didn’t know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. They’re that adorable thing; a metal band with a pop vocalist. They sort of reminded me of Ayabie. I’d recommend them to old Ayabie fans, although their image is kinda boring usually. It wasn’t boring this live though, they all wore yukata. Their set probably had the least headbanging and the most prancing.

Black Gene For the Next Scene
I find this band scary beyond all reason, but I canot deny they put on a good show. Their set was a riot. Lots of mad dancing. Their guitarist had a lot of technical trouble, but he’s pretty superfluous anyway, BFN are probably the best bass-lead band in the business. Ice’s MC was spoken at break neck speed, I could not tell you a word of what he said. The actual songs were super fun though. But are those outfits really necessary. No I don’t think so. No one needs vinyl pants that shiny. Or that short.

Didn’t get a very clear view of this set, but there are many more worthy than I to get the good views of the stage, I’m not mad about BORN. Their outfits were epic though, and the dancing by Ryouga was fun (lots of high kicks?), but their sound is so boring, and it doesn’t really improve much live.

I was really surprised by Lycaon. I haven’t payed much attention to them since their first few singles, which were so so bad, but their image has always been so cool, I love seeing them in magazines. I had been wondering what they were doing amongst all these crazy metal bands, but once they started playing I realised. Their sound has changed quiiiiiite a lot since their debut, huh! They now perform this mad… sort of… burlesque effect metal. It’s awesome. Yuuki is brilliant. He had a chair covered in ropes and chains and a creepy lamp he shone at people. Also Satoshi is amazing, I can appreciate a man with that much dedication to being Slash II.

After all their FC lives lately, I’ve been missing SCREW, so it was awesome to see them again. They demonstrated perfect outfits, perfect synchronised headbanging and Byou (as usual) brought perfect crazy with perfect hair. Their single, FUGLY, sounds amazing live. It’s different from their usual sound so I had been curious, but it sounds really cool. At one point Rui threw his mic stand over his head and it hit all the amps behind him and nearly incapacitated several staff members. What a badass.

Jupiter were as flawless as usual. I don’t really understand why they stopped being Versailles, when Kamijo sounds exactly the same and so do they. They are literally just doing the exact same thing as they’ve been doing for years only seperately. Wouldn’t it be more fun to take on a new challenge/image/sound/anything? Still, it’s always amazing to watch HIZAKI and TERU play guitar.

At the end they all got together on the balcony of EAST and had chats. Hiro (NCBL) and Ice (BFN) compared abs, SCREW fucked up talking, as usual, FEST VAINQUEUR got all hyper and Ryouga (BORN) kept trying to jump down into the audience. And HIZAKI came out in yukata and everyone went ‘awwwwww’.

OK HERE IS A SUPER SHORT CONCERT RECAP mosty so I remember it myself ‘cause this was a night to remember for it’s eternal epicness to the world of VK metal music.

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Chillin’ in Shinjukueki (aka the least chill place on Earth) waiting for my friend who forgot our tickets.
Who needs tickets tchhhhh.


Ugh. Give me alcohol.

Ugh. Give me alcohol.

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Hello :) do you have an Instagram? I'm sorry I'm on my phone so I can't find it (if you have it somewhere here) :) I really like your style! :) thank you

I do have Instagram! I haven’t had it very long though, I’m still an Instagram beginner.

But please follow me anyway _(:3 」∠)_

I also post lots of pictures and stuff on my Twitter which is here.

Lately my styling skills have been burned to a crisp in the summer heat, I’m pretty sure but I still try and dress like a demon silver lion anyway… Try.

Ooohhhh yea. Hi. SADS x Justin Davis.

Ooohhhh yea. Hi. SADS x Justin Davis.

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