Going to see my queens DEATHGAZE and NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST tomorrow. Bring that metal to my teeth so I can bite it hard.

Civarize S/S 2014.

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髪長すぎ 斬りたい 汗

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Anonymous writes:
Hey! I really liked your blog post regarding Kuroyume's new album, especially "You might think that it would be better for his industry if he could somehow keep all three going at once, but that would be nearly impossible as he insists on having so much input to e v e r y detail". Right?! The length of his solo shows is absurd, I don't know how he does it and has managed to do it for so long. And I'm glad you pay attention to Hitoki as well, the man is so talented but people almost never

[Ask Continued:] mention him! I’ve waned off of jrock in recent years, but they’re one of the bands I keep listening to despite my changing tastes. I wish there were more quality articles about bands like them, but you do an excellent job at describing the music those two make together. ♥

THANK YOU! Also, fellow Kiyoharu/Kuroyume fan, h e l l o there.

Kiyoharu’s work ethic is fucking aspirational. He runs three goddamn musical acts, a fashion label and collaborates with tonnes of other artists and designers? H O W?? I can 100% see why so many younger musicians idolise him. I idolise him too, may I one day achieve your level, oh Great Kiyoharu.

I really love Hitoki too. Have you seen the DVD which comes with Kuro to Cage? It’s got heaps of interviews with other artists all talking about how incredible Hitoki’s bass playing is! It’s so cute - a twenty minute long tribute to Hitoki and his awesome bass.

There really aren’t very many Japanese music blogs out there. Lots of news sites, but not many chit-chat blogs. Mine is mostly just my personal reviews and recommendations. I do it because many people say ‘I need new music’, so I can just say ‘check my blog, dude!’. I’m sorry it’s not the best - er - quality of writing, but I’m really glad you enjoyed reading this post anyway.

If anyone else wants to check it: KOBOSHI: Sounds #8 - Kuroyume, SID & Alice Nine

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I'm a Scottish rock'n'roller living anywhere but Scotland.
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Flying off to new things tomorrow morning. So, time to sleep now because it’s probably gonna be a long haul before I can sleep soundly again.

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KOBOSHI : Sounds #8


Three big new albums in Visual Kei, check them o u t.

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